Mackenzie Sweetnam


Mackenzie is a freelance photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Mackenzie is a natural talent when it comes to capturing those iconic moments that pass by in a second. Going from strength to strength she has excelled in adapting to any type of show we have promoted... From intimate live shows to electronic raves she thrives under any circumstance and no challenge is too hard. Her positive attitude and can-do approach to her craft, along with the quality of the work she produces makes Mackenzie an absolute delight to work with!
— Maddy Rose Smith, BBE Tours
Her enthusiasm for photography is evident in all she does. Whether it be working for a major Australian brand or photographing her passion, music festivals. Mackenzie puts her heart and soul into learning all she can to continue what has become her true calling. Festivals, MUSICIANS, FASHION, PRODUCTS, MACKENZIE CAPTURES IT ALL WITH A KEEN EYE FOR DETAIL AND A GREAT SENSE OF CREATIVITY.
— Sacha Kann, Stylist